Deadlock & Resolving Deadlocks with “SKIP LOCKED” in PostgreSQL

Deadlocks are a common challenge for database-driven applications, including those that use PostgreSQL. In this blog post, we will discuss strategies for avoiding and resolving deadlocks […]

Milvus VectorDB Integration : Enhancing Performance and Stability through Efficient Vector Management

This blog post explores the exciting prospect of replacing Elasticsearch and S3 with Milvus VectorDB.  This shift aims to address current performance and stability bottlenecks, paving […]

Improve Your React App’s Performance with Lazy Loading: A Beginner’s Guide

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Dinosaur with AI ! – When your internet is down next time…

Have you played the chrome dinosaur game ? If not paste chrome://dino/  in Chrome address bar, press spacebar and enjoy the game. Want to surprise someone by giving some Artificial […]

No SQL Databases Mongo DB

Introduction A document-oriented database (commonly known as NoSql) is a data store of a group of documents (instead of group of rows). In case of MongoDB, group of JSON […]

Turning Jasper Community Server on

The Jasper Server community edition is great for generating PDF and Excel reports. It provides easy reporting and analytics capabilities. But it’s not tuned for performance out of […]