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We build innovative and functional mobile apps for your enterprise apps. Be it a native Android/iOS app or a cross-platform mobile app, we have rich experience in building for mobile phones and tablets.

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Sarvaha Advantage

We understand that mobile apps are rarely built in isolation. The apps interact with your enterprise server applications. This requires building of end points that mobile apps can call – commonly known as web services. Given our strong expertise in enterprise application development, we understand how to write scalable and evolutionary APIs that can evolve independently of the mobile apps. A mobile app typically has two parts: a) on device processing and presentation of the information and workflow and b) interaction with a server side application.

Sometimes you just need a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) mobile app to test the waters. Or you may need a mobile presence for an existing enterprise app which was not designed with mobility in mind. Or your mobile app is slow or lacks killer usability experience. Moreover, time to market and cost constraints don’t allow you to spend enough time or money on mobile app development. Sarvaha has helped a number of enterprises with these situations. We have deep expertise in building native apps that integrate with device capabilities such as storage, camera, accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope, contact book etc. We can help you build a prototype in just a couple of weeks.

A great user experience is absolutely required for the success of the mobile app. We use modern usability design principles and practices to create compelling and functional user experiences for your products.


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