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Enterprise apps today require complex design and architecture. Beyond standard software requirements analysis and design, there are important questions such as: Where do you host it? What other systems does it integrate with? Can it scale and support large number of users? Does it provide APIs in the form of web services? How can it provide a compelling user experience? And it needs to talk to a variety of end clients including mobile devices. Finally, there are budget and time to market constraints. Getting the product architecture and user experience right in the first go becomes so paramount.

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Sarvaha Advantage

Our founders have been building enterprise apps since early 1998. We have seen the evolution from C/C++ to Java/PHP to Node.js. The emergence of cloud platforms has allowed even smaller enterprises to play the big game.

This requires understanding of cloud platforms, distributed data and compute processing, usability design and stringent testing.

We have helped large enterprises such as Qualcomm in building Vehicle and Pet tracking applications as well as consumer facing web applications for early stage startups. For some of our recent customers, the server side end points were coded in Node.js as well. We have good familiarity with cloud based application development with specific expertise in Amazon’s cloud services. The senior architects in the organization have significant experience in Java, PHP, C, C++ and protocol server/client implementations.


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