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A vision without execution is hallucination.

Salesforce is great tool to build your CRM strategy. It can make your sales and service functions effective and competitive. However, adapting Salesforce to your business requires careful analysis of how you do business, design the right automation and integration with your existing systems and chaperone end users with the change systematically.

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We pride our success on how well the end users are using the Salesforce systems to carry out their functions. Our associates have requisite certifications and experience of having solved the problems in diverse situations to conceptualize right models and processes for a given business. Some of our associates have worked as evangelists for Salesforce itself and have advocated adoption of Salesforce for different businesses. Another associate has provided support for technical issues raised with Salesforce by developers. This mix of end to end Salesforce skills gives us a unique understanding of how different stakeholders view Salesforce roll-outs and hold different expectations.

We have worked with non-profits to large organisations on their Salesforce implementation. This has trained us in offering solutions to fit the time and cost budgets for every business.

We offer a month of free consulting for all our clients to check out our skills and acumen and at the same time get something solid done. This could be a quick PoC, a detailed analysis of business processes or solve a snap integration problem.


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