Build for future, with elegant design and practical architecture

A successful product development requires optimal balance of design and practical considerations. In an increasingly agile world, software design evolves with successive sprint. In the march towards the next release, a lot of technical debt gets accumulated very quickly. Even the experienced architects feel the stress of keeping up with growing requirements and changes. The key to successful products, release after release, is to manage a consistent quality of not just the system design but coding standards, testing, continuous integration and deployment planning. Focusing on getting each stage right is absolutely critical. When you have distributed teams, with diverse cultural backgrounds and skill maturity levels, it becomes decidedly difficult to achieve a smooth product development organization.

Sarvaha Advantage

Each product team is different. Each product and it’s market dynamics are different. Sarvaha architects and product managers understands this very well and know how to best fit the practices that will work for each situation.

What works for a product that has a sizable customer base does not work for a new product or a PoC. The processes of small teams are very different from truly global teams spreads across multiple timezones.

We also bring very creative and unique product engineering debugging skills – figure out where the bottlenecks are and how to fix those. We have evolved some key practice areas that are flexible yet very effective for achieving a consistent product development experience.

A vision without execution is hallucination.


Understand the end user, the information flow and data sizing. We design for security and robustness, aim for speed. Build trust.


We help you choose the right foundation, build the software in a flexible and scalable design. Relax and watch your business process come alive on the Internet!


You focus on your business, we take care of the software. Neat and easy support options post software delivery. Choose the best option to keep your business software going.

Key practice areas

Sarvaha offers tried and tested standard practices around major aspects of product engineering that helps customers choose best practices in building a product.

Skeletal design:

Build a strong foundation framework for the product. Right build and deploy structure, selection of most relevant libraries and off-the-shelf components, meaningful coding standards, effective version control and check-in policies, essential code review, continuous integration, staging and deployment plan.

Interface design:

Loosely coupled interfaces for integration with external systems and applications. Micro-services, RESTful design, data ingestion and export, scheduled jobs and reporting, visualization layers.

Production design:

Release management, change management, data consistency checks and backups, smoke tests, hot deployments and SLA definitions.

Skill design:

Identify skill gaps, define skill augmentation plan, evolve overall maturity and maintain a consistent balance of speed and quality.

Decision design:

Communication design, scrums, swift decision making among stake-holders, identify product area owners and conflict resolution mechanisms, automated sprint updates.