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We are based out of Pune, known as The Oxford of the East due to abundance of institutions of learning, and a city with great cultural heritage.

Sarvaha (सर्वः)-

One who is omnipresent. Pronounced as saṛ-vaḥā.

Sarvaha is a small, friendly and specialized software company that provides mature software development expertise and passion to build quality products. We understand dynamics of building products for large enterprises as well as early stage startups and successful companies that are leaders in their space. Our core strengths are our problem solving abilities and adapting to different challenges. We specialize in enterprise grade server side applications built using Java and PHP and mobile applications on iPhone and Android using native and cross-platform SDKs. We are specialists in architecting and building scalable web applications. We also specialize in development of machine learning, analytics and search based applications that process large volumes of structured, unstructured and contextual data using open source technologies such as Hadoop, Standford NLP, Lucene , Elastic Search and no-SQL databases such as MongoDB.

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Sarvaha Management

Mr. Shridhar Bhat

Founder and CEO

Shridhar began his software career as a C programmer on Unix building high performance network software such as SSL accelerators for Web Servers, SMTP/POP protocol clients, TCP termination engine on Intel’s network processors. He has led teams that has built client-server enterprise applications for large enterprises such as Intel, BEA, Qualcomm on a variety of OSes using languages such as C, C++, Java and PHP. He has worked in past with National Center for Software Technology and Persistent Systems before venturing into entrepreneurship. He has mentored more than 100 engineers and led high-engergy teams for startups. He has deep expertise in network software, telecom and vehicle telematics, semantic web, ontological applications, healthcare, system software, distributed computing and mobile applications with great user experience designs. He provides technical leadership, customer engagement and mentorship to the company.

Mr. Santosh Maskar

Founder and President

Santosh is a seasoned hands-on architect with a distinct focus on ensuring the reliability, scalability, and optimal performance of software systems. His extensive expertise lies in the design and development of enterprise-level Java applications, where he has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of intricate technical challenges. Having played pivotal roles at renowned companies such as BEA Systems, PacketMotion, Cisco, and Qualcomm, Santosh brings a wealth of experience to the table. His leadership has been characterized by an innate ability to extract the best from both teams and situations, making him a valuable asset in any high-stakes project. Santosh's proactive approach and strategic vision make him a go-to professional for crafting robust and efficient software solutions that stand the test of time.


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