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Welcome to Sarvaha Campus Recruitment 2023!

The campus drive would be conducted in your college lab using an browser based tool. Please gather at your college lab on or before 9am on Friday 01st September 2023. The different interview stages are indicated below. After each stage, there will be shortlisting of students. Only the short-listed students are eligible for the subsequent rounds.

How to prepare

The assessment would test your knowledge of basics of computer science: data structures and algorithms, fundamentals of programming such as OS, OOPs, Databases and general aptitude. One part of the test may be multi-choice question (MCQ) based and one or more parts of the test will require you to write programs in a programming language of your choice. We expect you to be able to solve the programming problems using either of the following languages: C, C++, Python3 or Java.

Assessment Platform & Tools

The test will be conducted at you collage lab. However, please bring your own laptop for a potential video interview later. The assessments will be held using an online tool that you can use via an Internet browser. The tool uses a video camera if available on the desktop/laptop. We recommend using a full-screen computer as far as possible and avoid mobile phones since you’ll be required to type your code in the programming test. Any plagiarism will not be tolerated and the candidate will stand disqualified even if cheating is detected after the selection. Mobile phones and your personal laptops are not allowed in the lab, please keep your mobile devices away.

We’ll use a Whatsapp group created by your T&P office to co-ordinate the drive. Please ensure you set a proper name in your Whatsapp profile. The test links will be sent via email to only the short-listed candidates at each stage. Please check your spam folders in case you do not receive the link. The online tool monitors for switching between the browser or tab windows. It also monitor your keystrokes, don’t copy paste the code. So, please ensure that all kinds of pop-ups (anti-virus tools, ad blockers or any such full-screen popups) are disabled. We will NOT give you another test if the tool ends your test due to off-tab behavior. Please talk to our representative to seek help only when really required. For interviews, please install Zoom on your laptop computer.


  • Test link won’t open for you: Your laptop/Desktop clock is not set correctly.
  • Your camera won’t open: Use the latest Chrome browser.
  • Your assessment was stopped: You switched away from the browser to another app. If you do it twice, your assessment will stop. So, please stop all the pop-up full screen notifications such as anti-virus notifications etc. We will not be able to help you with one more chance.
  • Your internet went down: Do not try to refresh, it’ll lose all your work. Once the internet comes back, try to submit. Please keep a backup ready (mobile data or hotspot).
  • You lost your program when accidentally trying to switch the compiler: The assessment platform warns you when switching the compiler. Choose your compiler carefully before you start writing your code.
  • Your program won’t run: Please check if your program is going into an infinite loop. Use print statements if required to debug.

Assessment Stages

Date Stage Time
Fri 01 Sep 2023 Programming Round 1 (50 mins) 9.15am IST
Fri 01 Sep 2023 Shortlist after Round 1 11:15am IST
Fri 01 Sep 2023 Programming Round 2 (50 mins) 11:30am IST
Fri 01 Sep 2023 Shortlist after Round 2 01:30pm IST
Fri 01 Sep 2023 MCQ (Aptitude + CS basics)/ Programming Round 3 (50 mins) 01:45pm IST
Fri 01 Sep 2023 Shortlist after Round 3 3:30pm IST
Fri/Sat 01/02 Sep 2023 Video Interviews on 01st and Remaining on 02nd 3:45pm IST onwards