Data intelligence and intuition, fast and accurate!

Struggling with big data and making sense? Need a custom domain specific search based application where Lucene or Elastic search out of the box does not suffice? How about a really intuitive and sleek visualization that pops out the information nuggets easily? Does your data require careful curation and normalization?

Sarvaha Advantage

Sarvaha has been building for last 8 years semantically intelligent applications to analyze large heterogeneous datasets. Using NLP, Machine Learning models and Ontologies, we have solved complex enterprise problems. We have expertise in writing scalable search based applications that make use of distributed procesing frameworks such as Hadoop and NoSQL stores such as MongoDB along with search tools such as Lucene and ElasticSearch. We understand many open-source text mining and ML tools such as Stanford NLP, Apache Mahout and Jena. Most often the data requires careful curation and cleaning, a smartly designed feature extraction for acceptable performance and well thought-out visualization to leverage the inherent strength of the information. More importantly we bring the intuition to use the right method to solve a problem after understanding the domain requirements.

We have built automotive repair intelligence apps for a large enterprise that analyzes huge amount of historical repair data to provide predictive operational as well as strategic intelligence. We have helped a prestigious university in building an information retrieval system to aid cancer researchers.

The intelligence gleaned from analysis shines more with right visualization. We have designed and built highly appreciated visualizations using modern Javascript visualization libraries.

Let’s treasure hunt together!


Most of the data is in silos! It’s not clean. It is huge. It can be misleading. It is complex. We can take that. See the facets of the data. Bring it to the fore and surprise even the veterans dealing with the data!


Pick the aspects of data that are most appealing. Slice and dice it, put two and two together, see us connect the dots.


Integrate the intelligence into your business. Make the data work for you. Take smarter decisions. Build confidence and market lead.

Technology Landscape

Our current technology skills are listed below. However, our primary skill is Problem solving. And we learn whatever it takes to solve the problem.


Java, R, Python


Stanford NLP, Terrier, Lucene, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Apache UIMA, WEKA, OpenNLP


MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch


D3.js, Ext.js, HighCharts, Ember Charts

Python Frameworks:

Gensim topic modelling, spacy NLP library