Dive deep, understand the goals and achieve!

Information technology is a great enabler. But not everyone understands technology. It can sometimes be overwhelming to adapt existing technology to solve your problem.  Often, the great ideas are let down by poor implementations. Or you have figured out most of the puzzle but are stuck with one or two little tricky things. You need someone expert to come in, roll up her sleeves and get hands dirty with your business problems and turn around things. Be it a rearchitecting your existing product or defining your next-gen solution, Sarvaha offers expert technology consultants with incisive minds to take on your problems.

Sarvaha Advantage

Consulting engagments need not cost a fortune to solve a problem. We offer first month of free consulting – you pay only if you’re satisfied with us.

This we believe helps in two ways:

  • You can begin attacking the problem right away without worrying about evaluating if our consultants are upto the mark.
  • we have the skin in the game to genuinely work towards solving your problem. We have successfully rearchitected poorly designed products that had an active customer base and provided neat solutions to technically less savvy but incredibly smart businessmen.

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.


A really great talent finds its happiness in execution. You bring an idea or a problem, we help analyze it, prune it, divide it and finally conquer it.


Any non-trivial problem requires struggle before ideas emerge on how to tackle it. We understand it very well and are ready for the long haul.


But we also believe in ‘Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher’. That’s the essence of finding the right consultant.