Welcome to Sarvaha Campus Recruitment 2022!

The campus drive is conducted entirely online using an browser based tool. The different interview stages are indicated below. After each stage, there will be shortlisting of students. Only the short-listed students are eligible for the next round.

How to prepare

You will need a computer with a webcam, good stable Internet connection and power backup. Please charge your laptops and power supply devices (if any) sufficiently before the first stage of the assessments. Ensure a noise-free room for yourself. The assessments will be held using an online tool that you can use via an internet browser. The tool uses a video camera based proctoring. Ensure that there are no other people in the room. We recommend using a laptop computer as far as possible since you’ll be required to type your code in the programming test. Any plagiarism will not be tolerated and the candidate will stand disqualified even if cheating is detected after the selection.

The assessment would test your knowledge of basics of computer science: data structures and algorithms, fundamentals of programming such as OS, OOPs, Databases and general aptitude. One part of the test will be multi-choice question (MCQ) based and one or more parts of the test will require you to write programs in C programming languages. We appreciate that you know other languages like Python, Java and C++ but we expect you to be able to solve the programming problems using C.

Assessment Stages

Thu 10 Mar 2022Programming Round 1 (40 mins)4.00pm IST
Thu 10 Mar 2022Shortlist after Programming Round 15.30pm IST
Thu 10 Mar 2022Programming Round 2 (40 mins)5.45pm IST
Thu 10 Mar 2022Shortlist after Programming Round 26.45pmIST
Fri 11 Mar 2022MCQ (Aptitude + CS basics) (60 mins)9.00am IST
Fri 11 Mar 2022Final shortlist for interviews10.45am IST
Fri 11 Mar 2022Video interviews over Zoom/GMeetStarting 11.00am IST